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Individual Guided Walking and Biking Toursof Berlin, Potsdam and RheinsbergTour Consulting & Management


Our offer

We offer professional tours of Berlin and Potsdam Berlin's new and historical centre and the 1000 year old Potsdam for Groups, clubs or i n d i v i d u a l y ! you will see and experience the highlights, land marks but also the less well- known aspects of this vibrant city teeming with history Information with the background and personal, individual attendance to your needs is inclusive.

Our team

experienced accredited tour guides experts in the field, both male and female,
from Berlin and Potsdam.
Native Speakers German or English
With English certificate and/or German certificate

Our tours - how?

by foot and / or by bicycle
by train
by bus / minibus

Our tours - where?

individual meeting points
Meeting /transfer from the hotel, airport or train station

Our tours - when?

all the days around the clock

Our tours - duration

2 hours and above or following individual arrangements[Translate to en:] Führungen ab 2 Stunden oder individuell nach Vereinbarung


€ 10 per person upwards (Adults) and upon request
Children up to 12 free,
Special prices: for groups and clubs


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